• WHO?
    I'm Leo Doyle, a private collector

  • WHAT?
    Car collecting. I have just four criteria:
    1) It must be really cool, different, strange, and/or rare. If heads don't turn, I don't want it!
    2) It must be street legal (otherwise what's the point?)
    3) It must do highway speeds (60 MPH +)
    4) I must fit in the car (I'm 6 feet and not a small guy)

  • WHY?
    If you have to ask you'll never understand!

  • WHERE?
    So far I only have USA made vehicles (no good reason just happened). Storage is a real problem. I used to have 7 cars at home and only a 2-car garage! There were many more at my office warehouse. What to do? Buy another office warehouse of course!! I wanted a place that was large enough to rent to others and still have room for my cars.

  • WHEN?
    I started my collection in June 2003 with the silver Sparrow.